New Work “Lennar Choir” TV

This was a fun project. Not only was I able to reunite my favorite freelance crew members, I was able to bring in Robbi Kenney, a terrific music director, to compose, harmonize and lead the choir in this high-concept TV commercial showcasing a regional homebuilder.

I shot the project on my Panasonic AF-100 rather than a 5D Mk II because the goal of the spot was really to show off the house, and that meant deep depth of field at fairly wide apertures. Also, audio quality was critical, and with a very tight turnaround time, I didn’t want to deal with dual-system sound.

We spent quite a bit of time lighting each room, but there was still quite a lot of dynamic range. It would be interesting to shoot something like this on a Blackmagic camera in RAW. I’m saving my pennies for a Blackmagic 4K!

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  1. Nat
    February 12, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Cool commercial. How did you go about lighting the house? A lot of your stuff seems very slick and I really lick you lighting advice like the subtractive lighting. This sort of thing though is often a bit more intimidating. Any tips or lighting diagrams to show how its don would be amazing 🙂

    Also love the site. Some really great info to be found 🙂

    Nat J

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