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I am pleased to announce that my two eBooks – “Make Movies Without Money: Microbudget Filmmaking for Students, Photographers and Other Starving Artists,” and “Easy Lighting Setups for Glamour and Portrait Photography” are now available at Amazon.com for direct download to your Kindle or Kindle-enabled device (iPad, etc.).

If you enjoy the production tips and techniques I share on this website, please consider purchasing one or more of these eBooks. Honestly, there’s no “filler” here … This is all information that I wish I’d had when I was starting out, and still continually refer to!

UPDATE: I’ve taken the lighting setups described in the eBook and created an app! You can buy it for Android here.

Take your family, corporate, senior or bridal portraits to the next level, with lighting techniques borrowed from high-end editorial photography. Your clients may not be movie stars, politicians, or pro athletes, but you can photograph them as though they were!

The official Photo Lighting Setups app from CrewOfOne.com puts reference images, detailed instructions, and 3D-rendered lighting diagrams for 17 different kinds of glamour and portrait lighting setups right at your fingertips. Copy the setups exactly, or use them as starting points for your own artistic exploration. The choice is yours!

Best of all, these setups can be assembled in minutes at any location, and require nothing more than three lights and a few inexpensive items. You don’t need your own studio or a ton of expensive equipment to use these setups for magazine-quality portraits.

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