A Better Source For Creative Fuel

It is a bit of a cliché that creative people are coffee addicts. Unlike 9-to-5 jobs (do those even exist anymore?), the projects undertaken by artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers and photographers tend to translate into late nights and short weekends. And, it’s true … More often than not, this means coffee. Lots of it.

Sadly, this need for coffee generally means a trip to Starbucks. I say “sadly,” because Starbucks coffee isn’t very good, yet it is so ubiquitous that people have learned to like it. In the same way that college kids today think that music laden with MP3 compression sounds better than the same music without compression artifacts, too many people think that Starbucks coffee is what coffee should taste like.

Also, I’m the kind of person who always roots for the little guy. Starbucks, whatever its good qualities may be (and, aside from the free wi-fi, I have trouble thinking of any), is The Man when it comes to the coffee industry.

It is, therefore, with a great deal of pleasure that I share with you a new website launched by and for The Little Guy. In this case, The Little Guy behind the website is a friend of mine named Sam, and The Little Guys it promotes are independent micro-roasters, boutique coffee equipment manufacturers, and people who aren’t afraid to call themselves coffee snobs. Sam’s new business is called Coffee Kind, and it is devoted to excellence in all things coffee-related. If you’re looking to learn about coffee, upgrade your caffeine palate, or shopping for a holiday gift for the java-junkie in your life, take a look at Coffee Kind. I thank you, Sam thanks you, and your tastebuds will thank you.

*In case any cynics among you are wondering whether I have a financial interest in this enterprise, the answer is NO. I don’t get a kickback, commission, or anything else from Coffee Kind … Just the satisfaction of knowing I’m helping to fight the power and to promote good taste.


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