Motion Graphics Inspiration

I love good motion graphics. Perhaps because, not being a specialist in the field, I generally find it difficult to come up with an engaging concept for what is, essentially, text on a screen. That’s why I’m so impressed with the PIC Agency. I’ve never met the folks at PIC, but their work speaks for itself.

I discovered the PIC Agency after I watched the amazing mini-history-lesson title sequence of the 2007 film “The Kingdom,” and followed the breadcrumbs from IMDB to the PIC website.

Once there, I discovered that PIC has done pretty much every cool TV and movie title sequence of the last decade.

Their website is a treasure trove of inspiration for editors because not only can you watch high-res video of all their work, they even provide nice thumbnails of every project.

The next time you’re struggling to figure out how to communicate some kind of verbage in your video project, check out the PIC website and see how the big dogs do it.

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